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Megabyte has recently achieved HPE Platinum Status. “This award represents the company’s strong and long-standing partnership with HPE. It highlights our commitment to HPE and our belief in HPE’s product and solution portfolio. Megabyte has always adhered to the policy of investing in excellence, both with our people and our partners.” David Micallef, Head of Megabyte’s Engineering & Infrastructure Unit stated.

“Reaching Platinum status is fundamental to us as it demonstrates to our enterprise customers that Megabyte has both the capacity and capability to deliver services across a diverse platform of product and solutions”

Mr. MicallefThemeNectar

To be awarded Platinum status, a partner has to hold the highest levels of certification across HPE’s portfolio of Hybrid IT. In addition to being technically strong, Platinum Partners also need to reflect sustainability through financial strength.

In closing, Mr. Micallef explained the significance of the award for the company’s overall objectives. “Megabyte has always been about understanding its clients’ requirements and aiming to provide the best product/ service scenario in order to meet and exceed their expectations. This has been our aim for over 25 years, and our goals remain as strong as ever. This is well reflected in this prestigious status awarded by HPE.”